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As an expat you can buy a house in the Netherlands. We are more than happy to walk you through the process.

Finding your way around the Dutch mortgage market can be difficult. It is our intention to advice you the best way possible throughout the entire process. We understand everyone is different and we tailor your mortgage to your unique situation.

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Frequently asked

In order to get the mortgage approved this differs per mortgage provider. We value your time and be as time efficient as possible.

To ensure a smooth application process we check and collect all required documents ourselves and prepare your application down to the detail.

In general the mortgage should be approved within the required time as stated in the purchase agreement.

You will receive a proposal as soon as possible.

After you have accepted the proposal yourself it usually takes a couple of days by the lender to process it.

To determine the maximum loan an appraisal report of your dream property is required. The appraisal report is prepared by an independent appraiser.

We can assist you to ensure that you will receive a sound report applicable to the mortgage application.

This is the difficult part and is unique per situation. For example it depends on your current financial situation or, the type of property.

As an expat you can expect additional questions like:

  • Do you have a permanent permit?
  • Are you a EU citizen?
  • Are you a knowledge migrant? 

Do contact us with your plans, we like to help.

Are you a first time buyer or, will you be moving into your next home? Each mortgage is tailored around your situation and we will provide an indication of the closing costs during our first consultation. 

In addition we provide a complete overview of the expected costs applicable throughout the entire process such as, notary-, appraisal- and property insurances.